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"Welcome to Sammies!", the soon-to-be world-famous sandwich shop where the friendly staff still greets you when you walk through the door. Despite being barely 2 years old, Sammies has created a sensation unmatched by anything the local community has ever seen. Fresh ingredients backed by fast and friendly service have kept this family-owned eatery in the local limelight, and more importantly have kept Sammies packed day after day with smiling, satisfied customers.

While gimmick restaurants come and go, Sammies proudly boasts that "our gimmick is great-tasting food"; and the minute you taste your first delicious Sammie, you understand how well they have lived up to their ideals. Fresh veggies, meats sliced in-house daily, and perfectly oven-toasted bread combine to form a wide range of flavor-packed meals, from new takes on classic favorites like the Sammies Italian to hand-crafted original recipes like the Santa Cruz.

With over 60 years combined experience in the restaurant industry, it is no wonder that the family behind the Sammies sensation could confidently display prominent banners with the slogan "Soon to be World Famous" on day one. They have traveled around the country (and sometimes even the world!) to sample great food and regional cuisine, both to broaden their knowledge and simply because they truly love good food. It is no exaggeration to say that you can taste this knowledge and passion in every bite.

With all the other great-tasting food, it's easy to forget that Sammies isn't all about subs, salads, pitas, and wraps. Loaded baked potatoes, delicious home-made soups, and salads piled high with fresh veggies are also on the menu. In addition, each month you can sample one of the unique Sammies of the Month, which in the past has included favorites like the Poppyseed Chicken, the Oktoberfeast (bratwurst, kraut, and dijon on a pretzel bun), and the Elvis sandwich (peanut butter, honey, banana, and bacon). Some of these have even been so popular that they have been transformed into regular menu items, thanks in no small part to an outpouring of requests on Facebook.

When people eat at Sammies for the first time, they often wonder if they are stepping into an already-successful franchise rather than a typical local eatery. Some day soon, they will be right! Until that happens, we encourage you to stop by and learn what your favorite Sammie is, and like us on Facebook so you can follow along as the restaurant grows and changes. We love happy tastebuds, so stop by and treat yours!